Thursday, February 15, 2007

"A real Dylan jam"

Welcome to the homes of both Born Beat(The band),and Get Born(The zine).First and foremost Get Born #2 will be coming out sometime in the next couple of weeks with another live reading to follow in early March.This issue features myself and Joe Wetteroth,they are 1$ each and can be obtained either by myself personally or by sending 1$ and some postage to:Joe Sulier,3500 Miami Apt.304,St.Louis MO.,63118.Secondly,Born Beat actually has a couple of shows coming up and they are as follows.
Saturday February 24th
@ Das Slaughterhaus (3343 Texas Ave.)
Bury the Living(Memphis,Prank Records)
Vile Nation(Memphis)
God Fodder
Sunday March 11th
@ The Ground Floor(Belleville IL.)
Clockcleaner(Reptilian/Manic Ride/Parts Unknown Records,
Times New Viking(Columbus Ohio,
Nerve Parade(First show!Featuring Von D. and The Bease!)
Lastly Born Beat will be recording for a 3 song 7 inch at the end of February.Dig?
Born Beat "Elsie" from upcoming No Wire Records compilation LP:

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