Monday, April 23, 2007

New Issue

A short pre-run of issue #3 will be available this Saturday April 28th at the grand opening of Apop Records(2831 Cherokee,St.Louis MO.,63118).This issue features Joseph Sulier' and Jim Swill.The show Saturday will start at 2 P.M. and will feature performances by:Jim Swill,Larva,Ghost Ice,Obelisk,MC Cat Genius,Ataraxic,The Vickroids,Worm Hands,Trash and Suicide,and a very rare live performance by St.Louis legends The Strangulated Beatoffs(This is not to be missed!).Please attend and support St.Louis' most promising new record/book/movie store.Also be sure to check out for the latest book releases by our good friend Wesley Eisold.

P.S. Issues can now be purchased online for 2$ apiece(Shipping included) through our Myspace site so check it out.