Thursday, September 27, 2007

As you can see above we are having silkscreened posters made for our tour by the pride of the Southside himself Don Beasley .The photo above is just a preliminary print,there will be a picture up of the finished product as soon as we get em'.Also completed is the 2007 Get Born anthology,all 4 issues compiled into one book,96 pages in all,along with some extra goodies.We are currently looking into printing of these into book form in time for our tour in November,more details on that as they manifest.

Up next,on Monday October 1st @ Duffs Restaurant (392 N. Euclid)is our next formal reading,more details are below.After the reading there is an after party being thrown at Friendlys Bar and Grill(3503 Roger, St. Louis MO 63116).This will start around 9:30 and will feature different poets and more music.The cost is 3$ if you attend the Duffs reading as well and are stamped,otherwise It's 5$ and they feature penny pitchers all night long,should stand to be an excellent evening of poetry,music,and plenty of booze.

6:00 PM
@ Duffs’ ( )
392 N. Euclid
St.Louis, Missouri 63108
Description:Get Born poetry reading 5 featuring:Joseph Sulier’,Joe Wetteroth,Mathieu Paul,Ken Brown,Stefene Russell,Brett Underwood,Nick Zengerling,Philip Gounis,Matthew Freeman,Charles,Ben Stegmann,Matt Questionmark,and Dwight Bitikofer.

And afterwards....

@ Friendlys Bar and Grill(
3503 Roger
St.Louis,MO 63116
Cost:3.00$(With stamp from Duffs reading)
Description:Get Born after party featuring different poets than the Duffs reading and more music,if you wanna read but couldn't make it to or couldn't fit on the Duffs reading please come to Friendlys and have at it!Penny pitchers!1.50$ well drinks!

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