Saturday, October 27, 2007


So when I said the Day of The Dead Beats promo segment would be playing on Literature For The Halibut last night at 7 I lied,it will actually be playing NEXT Thursday the day before the actual Day of The Dead Beats.Tune in to 88.1 KDHX next Thursday November 1st from 7-8 P.M. to hear a short promo segment for St.Louis' annual Day of The Dead Beats which will feature Brett Underwood reading selections from the works of William S. Burroughs,Joseph Sulier' reading two poems by Charles Bukowski,and Chris King reading three poems by Kenneth Rexroth.For those of you not in St.Louis you can stream to show live at .The 2007 Get Born anthology gets back to us on Monday,they collect the first 4 issues of Get Born along with some bonus goodies,98 pages in all,they will be available on our upcoming tour.Also available on tour will be a new book featuring Joe Wetteroth and Mathieu Paul,a new collection from Jim Swill,and possibly a new collection from Joseph Sulier' as well.We leave for tour next week on November 3rd so please make it out to the Day of The Dead Beats next Friday to not only give us a good send off and maybe a donation or two but also to celebrate our very own Jim Swills 21st birthday.More information at .

Also be sure to head over to The Heartworm Press to pre-order their latest book release "Indestructible Wolves of The Apocalypse Junkyard" by Max G. Morton.Check em' out at and .

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