Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New books available!

A new issue of Get Born has just been printed up and will be available at the next reading on Monday February 4th at Duffs,check out our upcoming shows for more info..You may also purchase it through Paypal for 4$,check our ordering info. blog for further information.This book features mostly the works of Ben Stegmann and a few shorter poems by Joseph Sulier',it also features two art/poetry collaborations between Stegmann and Sulier'.

Also availabe:

The Great Equalizer. 10$

Written during his time on a farm in the remote wilderness of Lebanon Oregon, this collection captures pivotal moments of life experience and insight gained in ways not possible at Swill's prior homes in urban St Louis or Cincinnati, along with a period of intense reflecting and self-evaluation. The book is accompanied by a disc containing 17 short videos and 200 postcard-like photos, shedding examples of the context and general atmosphere in which the written pieces were created. For anyone interested in Swill's contributions as a lyricist in the Realicide group, or further elaboration on his spoken performances with St Louis' "Get Born!" zine/events, this one can take you even deeper into his work and perspective. Screenprinted covers and discs by Outfall Channel. Edition: 200, January 2008. (excerpt from www.realicide.tk by Robert Inhuman)

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