Monday, January 14, 2008

News and Updates

Hi folks,been a while since we've had any news to present to you.First off there is a new book available by Jim Swill entitled "The Great Equalizer",he will be posting ordering info. and a more detailed description within the next day or so.Secondly we have a reading coming up on the 4th of February,please check below for further info..We've decided to change up the format of the Duffs readings a bit in order to trim some of the fat,from now on all readers will have a time limit that will not exceed 5 minutes,the last reading went on much longer than it should have so we've tweaked it a bit in order to prevent you,the audience,from total boredom.Other things in the works include a possible reading at White Flag Art Gallery in March,a reading tour of the West Coast in the Summer,and a new book from Joseph Sulier' in the very near future.Please keep checking back to this blog for future updates.

Still available:
Get Born Anthology-98 pages collecting the first four issues of Get Born,all of which are now out of print on their own.Featuring poetry by Joseph Sulier',Joe Wetteroth,Mathieu Paul,and Jim Swill-7$ PPD

Jim Swill-A Man is a Lonely Thing 3$ PPD

Get Born #6-Featuring Mathieu Paul and Joe Wetteroth-3$ PPD

Mathieu Paul-8 Poems-3$ PPD

02/04/2008 06:00 PM - Duffs Restaurant
392 N. Euclid
St.Louis, Missouri 63108


Readers include:Lauren Holste,Dawn Andrews,Kelsey Shelton,Philip Gounis,Michelle,Brett Underwood,Ken Brown,Ben Stegmann,Matt Questionmark,Joseph Sulier’,Mathieu Paul,Joe Wetteroth,Jim Swill,You? Also featuring the blues stylings of The Rumdrum Ramblers.

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