Thursday, November 13, 2008

Final tour dates

December, 1 2008 06:00 PM - Duffs Restaurant
392 North Euclid, St.Louis, Missouri 63108 - 2.00

December, 2 2008 08:00 PM - The Loose Leaf Lounge
2915 North Broadway, Chicago, Illinois 60657 - Free
Get Born tour 2008!Featuring:Joseph Sulier,Jim Swill,Mathiu Paul,and Brock Walker

December, 3 2008 08:00 PM - The Dirt Collective
144 E. 3rd St., Dayton, Ohio 45402 - Free
Get Born tour 2008!Featuring:Joseph Sulier,Jim Swill,Brock Walker,and Mathieu Paul.Also local Dayton artists Evolve,John Maloney,and Jeremy Price.

December, 4 2008 08:00 PM - The Church of Crystal Light
309 N. Adams St., Richmond, Virginia 23220 - Free
Get Born tour 2008!Featuring:Joseph Sulier,Jim Swill,Brock Walker,and Mathieu Paul

December, 6 2008 08:00 PM - Trinity College
240 New Britain Ave.(Fred Summit East Dormitory), Hartford, Connecticut 06106 - Free
Get Born tour 2008!Featuring:Joseph Sulier,Jim Swill,Mathieu Paul,and Brock Walker

December, 9 2008 08:00 PM - The Wind-Up Space
12 West North Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21202 - 5.00
A night of two parts: half poets / half musicians - before art was cleaved, comedians, performance artists, poets, and writers had to play the same rules as musicians, and everything intermingled. tonight at the Wind-Up Space we will bring the two major elements together, with a night of music and words.

We will be spending a few days in New York from the 10th on hitting up open mics as well so if you have suggestions let us know and come see us!


Anonymous said...

I think you've got some of the initial details for the Dayton show mixed up, but good to see you guys on tour!

Lolololori said...

Advice from NYC pals:

"the bower poetry club, and the New Yorican cafe (was originally a cafe dedicated to puerto-rican-nyc artists, but I think they have poetry night.)"

Will keep ya posted if I get any more tips!

bornbeat said...

Gracias,Bowerey Poetry Club charges like a 200$ rental fee and also requires that you have a guaranteed 50 person draw,we tried that route last year,but I think we're gonna try to hit up their open mic anyway.

Lolololori said...

If you're there on the 18th, I have a poet friend from college who's performing. He's pretty great.
info (most of which you probably already know):

Carlos Andrés Gómez
Thursday, December 18, 2008
7:30pm - 9:45pm
Bowery Poetry Club (
308 Bowery (bet. Houston & Bleecker)
New York, NY

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Anonymous said...

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