Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day of the Dead Beats 2009

Monday November 2nd
@ The Way Out Club(2525 South Jefferson)
7:00 P.M.

We have an enormous line-up this year. There are 16 of us presenting the message of the Beats. It will be a challenge to get everybody up to fit into three hours, but we will do it. I've arranged to start the show at 7 p.m. We'll need to keep each reading under ten minutes. I am excited about this year, because we have a solid core of powerful performers that have graced the stage in the past: K. Curtis Lyle, Michael Castro, Ann Haubrich, Bob Putnam, Phil Gounis, Chris King, Ken Brown. Stefene Russell returns to us this year and is part of a sizable group of women that will present their selections, including Haubrich, Erin Wiles, Lauren Keefer and Mary Fisher. Also returning are a powerful contingent from the Get Born Readings scene: Joseph Sulier, Brock Walker, Mathieu Paul and Ken "the jokes are in there, Kids" Brown. Joining us for the first time are Sean Arnold, Lauren Keefer, Mary Fisher and Typewriter Tim Jordan.
We'll be missing a couple folks this year due to life and death and time constraints, etc...
I know that there are many who have performed in the past that I am not including here, but have to mention that I will always miss those that joined us since I've been at the helm of the event and brought it to the stage: Hunter Brumfield (R.I.P), Ben Hanna, Bob Wilcox, Agnes Wilcox, Joe Wetteroth, Mariah Richardson, Greg Hazleton Kevin McCameron and Cynthia Sutton, to name a few.
There will be many highlights this year, but perhaps the most theatrical of the event will be that of Tim Jordan in his persona BodyBag Man while channeling William S. Burroughs.
I've decided to deliver Brion Gysin to the stage and will do so before or after Master Jordan's performance.
After all of that, we'll have the musical stylings of the St. Louisans of Humdrum and
Jason and the Beast
You might want to cancel any Tuesday morning activities!

Here is the lineup in no particular order:
Phil Gounis---Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Brock Walker---Gary Snyder??/Peter Orlovsky???
Bob Putnam---Herbert Huncke
Ken Brown---Charles Bukowski
Sean Arnold---D.A. Levy
Mathieu Paul---Hubert Selby, Jr.
Chris King---Kenneth Rexroth
Ann Haubrich---Jack Kerouac
Tim Jordan---William S. Burroughs
K. Curtis Lyle---Bob Kaufman
Stefene Russell---Allen Ginsberg
Erin Wiles---Ruth Weiss
Mary Fisher--Richard Brautigan
Lauren Keefer---Leroi Jones
Michael Castro---Gregory Corso
Joseph Sulier---Kennetch Patchen